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Song writing with Jess Godwin; a four week intensive

The VPC Philosophy

The Studio of Voice Power Chicago-Voice Lessons in Wicker Park, Chicago, where voice lessons are taught.

Student Testimonials

Photo of Aaron Spencer, student specializing in musical theatre singing at Voice Power Chicago-Voice Lessons in Wicker Park, Chicago.

I started taking weekly lessons at Voice Power Chicago last year, and I’ve been amazed at how quickly I’ve been making improvements in my singing. I’ve performed on stage in musicals for over 10 years and have taken voice and singing classes on a university level, but after studying with Rachel I feel more confident and free vocally than I ever have before. Rachel uses a very individualized approach; each lesson is tailored specifically to me. She really cares about results and knows just how to keep me feeling challenged but not overwhelmed. I’m constantly amazed at how resourceful she is as a voice coach.

In addition to top-quality vocal instruction, Rachel goes the extra mile: starting with song selection, she has helped me find several new songs in many different styles that fit my vocal range. She’s helped me get rehearsal tracks and sheet music to rehearse on my own. Finally, she’s doing something unique by giving monthly performing opportunities at her studio.

Whether you are a professional or a first-time singer, I’m confident that Voice Power Chicago can help you!

–Aaron Spencer

Photo of Natalie Lord, student specializing in country music singing at Voice Power Chicago-Voice Lessons in Wicker Park, Chicago.

Rachel is an absolute joy to work with. Not only is she an incredible vocalist herself, but she is such a phenomenal teacher and coach. She cares so much about each student and it shows. Because of her versatility in commercial music, Rachel can help anyone achieve their goals in singing. I've learned so much and have grown as a singer more than I thought I ever could in these last few months from taking lessons with Rachel. I'm so excited to continue working with her and exploring my voice to the fullest. She uses unique approaches to help each student gain the skills they need/want to improve on. Her energy and excitement is infectious!

–Natalie Lord

Photo of Aliah, student specializing in pop singing at Voice Power Chicago-Voice Lessons in Wicker Park, Chicago.

Rachel is a knowledgeable, talented teacher and coach. She has the ability to recognize a singer's strengths and weaknesses and advance their skills. She maintains a positive rapport with her students, which allows them to grow and feel confident in their abilities.

She helped my daughter get accepted into the Chicago School of Performing Arts!

–Andrea Rae (Aliah, Andrea's daughter, pictured)

Common Questions about VPC

What makes VPC different from other vocal studios?

Perhaps what is most important about my studio is the distinction in what kind of singing I teach. I do not teach opera. I teach Contemporary Commercial Music style singing. If you want to be in a band, audition for The Voice, have the skills of your favorite R&B singer, ect, that’s what I do. If you want to learn commercial music, you’ve come to the right place.

Do you have a set curriculum for your students?

My teaching style is hyper-personalized; the exercises are created for you and I make sure that you can reproduce them on your own throughout the week, between lessons. We form a common language in these exercise sessions so that by the time we are working on music, I can ask for something specific that we have covered, and you know how to do that. I do a great deal of improvising exercises for you in the moment, depending on your needs that day.

What will I be singing?

My students have a big say in the songs they sing! Only in the strangest of cases will I veto a selection, and then only for a time. There are thousands of songs in the world; you might as well sing something you like! I’m excited when a student has strong opinions on the music they would like to learn because it tells me even more directly where they want to go.

Do students have opportunities to perform?

Absolutely! VPC hosts a free concert at the Flatiron Arts Building every month for our students. Performing in front of people is a very different experience from singing in lessons (or the shower) and can both inspire you to keep improving and show you where you could use more work.