About Rachel

I am in love with working with your voice. If it means to you what mine has meant to me, I can never undervalue the freedom I have found by the teachers who have helped me shape my voice. I have chosen a path for my voice and have come to understand what “my sound” is. It’s a conglomeration of my history, my tastes and what I need it to be now for my life.

In college, I double majored in Vocal Performance and Theater. Since then, I have studied Contemporary Commercial Singing Technique — popular singing. I have been in musicals, choirs, bands, operas, recording booths, etc. I have sung backups, created my own harmonies, written music, become very comfortable with riffing and improvising, and even learned to scream a little.

Most recently, I have studied under Jeanie LoVettri. I am currently in a band I started called The Awesome Mix Tapes. I also gig frequently with local bands, singing a mix of several genres.

I love what I do, I’m good at it, and I’d love to work with you.